Matrix Series Safety Matting

For Areas Just Waiting For An Accident To Happen

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Super G®Super G: Matrix Series Matting for greasy areas

The Matrix Series Matting designed for greasy/oily applications.  Features an aggressive abrasive surface for great traction.   Abrasive enough to handle excess grease!

The Matrix Series products are all manufactured specifically for maximum slip resistance and safety.  From the backing, which restricts creeping; to the inner fiberglass layer for strength; to the extreme textured surface.  The low profile allows carts to travel easily over it and reduces a tripping hazard.

Provide your employees with protection from slips, trips and falls, which can be costly.



Top- Crushed garnet
Middle- Fiberglass
Backing- Polyurethane
  (available Unbacked for glue-down applications)


Thick- 1/8"
Roll- 3' x 40'
3x5', 3x10', 3x15', 3x20', 3x25', 3x30'
Custom Cut Lengths Available



Slip resistant when wet/icy

Stays flexible at freezer temperatures

Tough, but lightweight

Thin, presents no tripping hazard

Easy to clean & handle

Reduces slips/falls

Resists fungal & bacterial growth

Promotes safety - to maintain employee performance, decrease injury related time off, workers compensation claims, and accident related litigation


Daily Maintenance

These mats are designed to take years of abuse.  They are tough, but still need to be cared for - ie: daily cleaning & drying.

4 Easy Daily Cleaning Steps:

1.  Water & Mild detergent (NO bleach!!)
2.  Deck brush both sides of mat
3.  Rinse with clean water while brushing
4.  Dry thoroughly


Steam clean, Medium pressure wash, or Large dishwasher

It is important after cleaning to thoroughly rinse the mat and hang it while both the mat and floor dry.  (Do not place on wet floor).  Complete care instructions are sent with each order.



Coefficient of Friction Test National Floor Safety Institute NFSI 101-A Test Method:  SCOF value higher than 0.6, therefore designated as high traction

Bactericide-Fungicide Test ASTM G-21:  No growth of bacteria or fungus during testing

Robinson Wheel Test ASTM C 627-84:  Test for long term life.  Excellent results with negligible wear

Fire Ignition & Self Extinguishing Test US Navy 6411- Fed. Standard 501 - and Tests aboard carrier USS Forrestal:  Better than required for shipboard use

High Hardness- Grip Rock:  Will cut glass - Mohs Scale 7.5+

Ceramic Crush Strength- Grip Rock: 10,000 p.s.i.

Chemical Spill Tests:  In an accelerated test chamber, over 2,000 tests were conducted with specific chemicals and conditions found in commercial kitchens and industrial environments.  These mats were shown to be resistant to most industrial and commercial kitchen chemicals.



Common Uses:

Fry areas
Production lines
Areas subjected to oil or grease

Approved By:

Major Hotel Chains
Restaurant Chains
Insurance Providers


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