Matrix Series Safety Matting

For Areas Just Waiting For An Accident To Happen

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Slips and Falls -

Cause unnecessary injuries and cost money in claims.

Prevention is Easy!!!

Our Matrix Series Matting consist of 4 styles to best suit your situation.  Manufactured specifically for maximum slip resistance and safety - From to the extreme textured surface made from embedded crushed garnet or a crushed garnet/ceramic bead combination; to the backing, which restricts creeping; to the inner fiberglass layer for strength; even the low profile that allows carts to travel easily over it and fits under a freezer/cooler door.

Place in areas just waiting for an accident to happen - Wet, Icy, or Greasy


  • Slip resistant when wet or greasy
  • Resistant to fungal & bacterial growth
  • Tough, but lightweight
  • Thin - presents no tripping hazard
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Promotes safety - to maintain employee performance, decrease injury related time off, workers compensation claims, and accident related litigation
                         Grip Rock         Grip Rock - Freezer
                        Grip Rock                       Grip Rock- Freezer
                        Brite Trac         Super G  
                        Brite Trac                       Super G            
                        Comfort Grip Rock - Safety Grip PLUS Anti Fatigue         Comfort Super G - Grease Resistant Safety Grip PLUS Anti Fatigue  
                        Comfort Grip Rock     Comfort Super G         

Common Uses:

Commercial Kitchens
Food Prep / Wash
Fryer Areas
Ice / Beverage Stations
Buffet Lines
Incline Ramps
Production Lines
Coolers / Freezers
Dishwashing Areas
Product Stations
Machine Shops

Approved By:

Major Hotel Chains
Restaurant Chains
Insurance Providers

4 Styles:

Grip Rock: The standard

Grip Rock - Freezer:  Stays flexible in cold temps

Comfort Grip Rock:  With a cushioned rubber backing for comfort

Super G: For maximum protection in greasy areas

Comfort Super G:  With a cushioned rubber backing for comfort

Brite-Trac: When aesthetics are a concern

Matrix Series Matting - Made in the USA